Automation and IoT

The number of devices that gather real-time data is growing at an accelerating pace. Data only becomes valuable information when it is combined, analysed and clearly presented to the user.

The goal of Industrial IoT is to remove manual work stages, improve visibility, and increase predictability in your company’s business activities.


With hands-on experience in machine learning, our data scientists are ready to help companies solve complex industry problems such as predictive maintenance, predictive quality or business process optimisation.

We utilise big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, statistical analysis, fuzzy logic, pattern recognition, artificial neural networks and other technologies to enable customer digital transformation and provide a unique competitive advantage.

Our services

Together with our partners we provide IoT solutions as a comprehensive service package containing everything from data collection devices and sensors to data storage and distribution, and advanced analytics.

Dreija IoT Edge solutions are leveraging existing infrastructure and follow “no rip and replace” strategy to reduce costs and implementation time by supporting over 100 industrial protocols (OPC UA, OPC DA, Modbus TCP, Profinet IO, Ethernet/IP, DeviceNet, ControlNet, etc.) and seamlessly connecting to various types of devices and software applications.

Our edge and cloud analytics solutions provide real-time, significant data to support both daily decision-making and longer-term planning.

Dreija Factory Online 365

Dreija Factory Online 365 is an Industrial IoT solution built specifically for Dynamics 365 on top of Microsoft Azure IoT Edge and Cloud technologies:

IoT Edge modules to directly communicate with weight terminals and weight checkers, pick-to-light and pick-to-voice devices, RFID and barcode readers, label printers, as well as different types of MES and HMI systems

Cloud services to share data across Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem (Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, Power BI, Power App, etc.) and beyond.