Autopilot+ is gearing up to join your team soon! Stay tuned for its arrival as we prepare to unveil this intelligent tool selection assistant. Get ready to experience a smarter way of choosing the right tools, tailored for factory professionals.

Get Ready for Autopilot+​

We’re thrilled to introduce Autopilot+, a game-changer designed specifically for factory professionals. Autopilot+ isn’t your typical recommendation system; it’s a tool that uses cutting-edge AI to streamline and optimize the selection of working tools on the factory floor.


What Does Autopilot+ Offer?

  1. Task-Oriented Recommendations: It’s all about finding the right tool for the right job. Autopilot+ understands your tasks and recommends tools that fit the bill, simplifying your decision-making process.

  2. Continuous Enhancement: The more it interacts with your workflow, the better Autopilot+ becomes. It adapts and refines its suggestions based on real-time insights from the factory environment.

  3. Integrated Assistance: Wherever you are in the factory, Autopilot+ is there as a reliable companion, suggesting the optimal tools to enhance your efficiency.