Planning Online 365

Planning Online 365 is the heart of the company’s Sales & Operations Planning process. Based on artificial intelligence, the solution predicts future demand and optimizes the flow of goods and information throughout the supply chain. Especially companies in retail, manufacturing, wholesale, and logistics benefit from a unified planning process, from demand forecasting to procurement and production optimization.

Planning Online 365 seamlessly integrates with D365 Supply Chain Management software, providing inputs for purchase, production, and transfer orders. The solution is designed to simplify order, delivery, and supply chain management.

Traditionally, operations management has relied on forecasts based on statistics and averages. Often, separate planning applications have been integrated into cloud-based and continuously updated ERP systems, requiring separate maintenance.

Planning Online 365 uses Microsoft Azure AI to meet the company’s operations management needs. Intelligent algorithms and customer-specific data sources provide more accurate forecasts for order, delivery, and supply chain management.

Business Benefits of Planning Online:

The competitiveness of modern businesses is based on cost efficiency, fulfilling customer promises, and environmental sustainability. We believe that companies that can meet these three requirements will succeed now and in the future.

Environmental considerations are important to both businesses and consumers. However, readiness and willingness to invest more in the environment are often limited, for competitive reasons, for example. With our solution, we aim to create a situation where all parties win: companies, customers, and the environment. We believe that intelligent processes and solutions save a company’s financial resources and increase profitability.

When a company operates as optimally as possible, it avoids unnecessary purchases or production, saving raw materials, energy, and reducing emissions. This helps the company reduce its environmental impact unnecessarily. We want to promote sustainable development and help our customers achieve the United Nations environmental goals. THE 17 GOALS | Sustainable Development (

We believe that well-managed order, delivery, and production processes are the engine of a company’s supply chain. We specialize in optimizing and forecasting supply chain processes within the Microsoft ecosystem. As a partner, we want to do our part for a responsible supply chain.

Our solution helps companies run their day-to-day order, delivery, and production processes, utilizing company-specific data to meet customer needs. Together with our customers, we aim to create a strategic competitive advantage in their target markets.

Planning Online 365 Operating Principle:

Planning Online gathers data necessary for the forecasts from D365 ERP and stores it in the Azure Data Lake data repository. External data sources can also be connected to this data repository, enriching the information produced by the ERP system. Technical integration with external data sources is straightforward.

Using Azure machine learning tools, multiple forecasting models are combined to create a strong predictive model. By analyzing specific time series, various interrelationships can be quickly identified, which would be laborious and time-consuming using traditional methods. The solution is based on technology that learns on its own.

The results of the analysis are returned to the D365 SCM module, where the user can customize the final result to their liking and finally save a production or purchase order using the standard features of the ERP system.