Factory Online 365

Factory Online 365 is a tailored Industrial IoT solution that allows launching new automation processes in a matter of weeks with minimal R&D time.

Being designed on top of Microsoft Azure IoT Edge and Cloud technologies – it natively connects Microsoft Dynamics 365 products (as well as many other ERP/WMS/MES/HMI systems) with different warehouse and shopfloor devices: RFID and barcode readers, label and jet printers, weight terminals and weight checkers, pick-to-voice and pick-to-light gateways, automated warehouse shelving systems, etc.

Factory Online 365 connectors support 100+ industrial protocols to leverage customers’ existing infrastructure and reduce costs by following “no rip and replace” strategy.

Factory Online 365 controllers provide tools for real-time data ingestion and filtering, as well as smooth integration with different storage systems, popular open-source workflow rules and alert engines.

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