Key components

Factory Online 365 consists of the following key components:

  1. Instance: connector(s)
  2. Hub: controller(s)
  3. Client: API(s)

Instance component is responsible for communication with devices (scales, RFID readers, label printers, etc.) through different industrial protocols and typically resides next to these devices – on the Edge server or in local data center. Both Linux and Windows operating systems are supported. An Instance has a module-based architecture, and each industrial protocol is implemented by separate module called a connector.

Hub component is responsible for integration with external systems (ERP, MES, WMS, etc.) and typically resides in the cloud. Following cloud platforms are currently supported: Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS. Hub provides real-time data streaming, ingestion, transformation, storage, analysis, and visualization. It also has a module-based architecture, and it’s modules are called controllers.

Although most of Hub controllers are designed to run primarily in the cloud, but some of them can also run on the Edge server or in local data center (the same way as instance connectors). Client component provides APIs for configuring and working with Hub. Depending on the required level of automation, either Object API (complex automation) or Command API (simple automation) could be used.

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